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Strength Train Together (STT) combines traditional strength exercises and the hottest functional training moves, utilizing a barbell, weight plates and your body weight to make you fitter and stronger.  High-rep training and athletic movements are key components of this results-driven workout. 

STT is developed with a perioidized approach to ensure you are constantly changing your workout and challenging your body. Each workout has ten tracks expertly programmed with specific workout objectives: warm-up, legs, chest, back & legs, triceps, biceps, more legs, shoulders, core, and stretch.  

STT is ideal for:
Any level of exercisers, because of the simplicity of the workout.
Men and women of all ages because you select how much weight you want to use.
Anyone who wants to add strength to their workout.
Athletes looking for a training edge. 
Those pressed for time because even 2x/week delivers results.
Serious weight lifters who want to challenge their muscles in a different way. 

Take a sneak peak at the Y's Open House on Saturday, May 4.

Find upcoming classes. Classes begin the week of May 13. 

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